Degenerative Disc Disease

Degeneration of the cervical (neck) vertebrae is less common than degeneration of the low back discs, since the neck is subject to less load and torque. The degeneration refers to the gradual breakdown of the disc due to alterations in nutrient supply to the disc. Since discs do not have a blood supply of their own, they rely on normal movement of the spine to diffuse fluids and nutrients, sort of like a sponge. As the disc deteriorates over time, the structures can become inflamed and irritated, causing pain, numbness, and even weakness. Degenerative disc disease usually results from trauma or prolonged stress on the spinal structures.

Evaluation by your chiropractic physician will include a review of your symptoms, range of motion testing and various physical examination tests. Xrays are used to confirm the diagnosis, and additional imaging studies , such a MRI may be warranted.

Neck pain has many causes, including:

1.) Whiplash: Click to see 3DRX Video

2.) Disc Herniation: Click to see 3DRX Video

3.) Disc Decompression: Click to see 3DRX Video

4.) Degenerative Disc Disease: Click to see 3DRX Video

5.) Cervical Spine Kyphosis (Upper Crossed Syndrome) Click to see 3DRX Video

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