More properly known as acceleration/deceleration injury, hyperextension injury or even sprain/strain, whiplash results from a force applied to the neck which exceeds the normal range of motion, causing injury to the muscles, ligaments and joints, or even the disc structures or nerves of the neck. Whiplash can result from numerous causes, including sports injuries, but is most commonly associated with automobile accidents. Whiplash from auto accidents often occurs because when a car is struck from behind, the body is thrown forward in the seat as the car moves forward. However, the occupant�s head moves a fraction of a second more slowly than the body, causing the head to extend, hyperextending the neck. Patients can sustain injury to their neck even when there is little or no damage to the vehicles involved.

Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to excruciating pain, and the onset of symptoms can be delayed. Symptoms can include:

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