Bulging Disc

Bulging Disc:

Discs are located between the vertebrae (bones of the spine) and act as shock absorbers for the spine. The outer disc wall, known as the annulus fibrosis, surrounds a jelly-like center known as the nucleus pulposus. Through years of wear and tear, constant vibration or pounding, a slip and fall, coughing or sneezing, lifting and twisting or simply bending to pick up a piece of paper can cause a weakening of the disc wall and cause a bulge or tear which presses on surrounding nerves. This is a condition in which part or all of the soft, gelatinous central portion (nucleus pulposus) of an intervertebral disc is forced through a weakened part of the annulus fibrosis portion of the disc resulting in back pain and nerve root irritation.

The following are examples of common causes of back pain.

1.) Bulging Disc: Click to see 3DRX Video

2.) Disc Decompression: Click to see 3DRX Video

3.) Degenerative Disc Disease: Click to see 3DRX Video

4.) Sciatica Click to see 3DRX Video

5.) Spinal Stenosis: Click to see 3DRX Video

6.) Facet Syndrome: Click to see 3DRX Video

7.) Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome: Click to see 3DRX Video

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