Spinal Manipulation


"Spinal adjustments or spinal manipulation" are very gentle, safe, and effective movements of the spine, designed to loosen tight spinal joints and relieve pressure off of swollen or damaged spinal discs. Spinal adjustment/manipulation is a broad term used to describe a variety of techniques used in the treatment of spine and extremity disorders. While most people think of spinal adjustments/manipulation only in terms of a low amplitude-high velocity thrust that produces a "crack", a great variety of low and "no" force manipulations can be used to treat patients young and old, along with a great variety of common physio-therapeutic modalities and techniques.

Is there a difference between spinal "manipulation" and spinal "adjustments"?

Yes. Essentially, spinal manipulation refers to the general movement of multiple adjacent vertebrae to loosen tight spinal joints. Spinal adjustments, as used by chiropractic physicians, on the other hand are much more specific and directed towards the correction of specific spinal dysfunctions. While it depends on the skills of the practitioner, "spinal adjustments" are generally much lighter and safer due to the specificity of the directed force.

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